Paleo Passover meringues just out of the oven thanks to a recipe from Elanas Pantry! Super super easy, just egg whites and maple syrup, and I threw some chocolate chips in half of them. I’ll be bringing these to the crazy Persian sedar at my husbands cousins tonight. I made decent paleo/kosher for Passover brownies for last night too. Gotta have my sweets ;o )

Going out to dinner in Brooklyn for my brother in law’s bday. I am definitely not hip enough for Williamsburg. :o P


♥ Spirituality/Meditation At ♥


♥ Spirituality/Meditation At

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And tonight, in truly ridiculous ways to injure oneself…

I really hurt my thumb, thanks to an onion peel. For reals. I was removing the peel from an onion while making Persian stew tonight, and I somehow managed to make the onion peel go deep underneath my thumb nail. It hurt a LOT right away and felt like it might start bleeding but didn’t. It did, however, continue to get more painful and start throbbing. My husband had me take the nail polish of my thumb, and he thinks it will definitely turn black and blue and is concerned it might get infected and he thinks my nail may even fall off. All because of a fucking onion peel. Really?! This is what I get for cooking
>: o P

My last birthday in my 20s

It’s my bday today! The last one before the big 3-0. I usually don’t like my birthday, don’t like making a big deal about it and try to down play it, mostly I think to avoid feeling disappointed. This year I have to say it’s been pretty good and I generally felt really happy all day, even though I spent the majority of it in the office. Everyone at the office wished me a happy birthday, they gave me a card and had a fruit platter at our weekly office meeting. But what made it really great was getting all the texts and calls and Facebook messages throughout the day. I feel really loved and cared for, and that’s awesome. I think it helps that I’m trying to adjust my overall attitude, I seem to generally be feeling better as a whole, more centered, less anxious, more positive, which is awesome.
My husband and I used the couples massage my parents got us for hannukah yesterday and were able to use the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi too so that was a fantastic way to kick off my bday and we have a weekend full of things with friends and family, some bday related, some not, but where I usually feel overwhelmed by lots of things to do I’m feeling good about it.
And now off to a nice romantic dinner with my husband (we even made a reservation ahead of time! Lol)
Happy weekend everyone!

So we bit the bullet and went to a specialist (finally)

We finally went to a fertility specialist, something I had been avoiding for months. I had to make an appointment weeks in advance and I was feeling very anxious and upset leading up to the appointment. I was really anxious and on edge yesterday morning and wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully my husband was off and was able to come with me and ask all his questions and whatnot.
We really really like the doctor, they’re really on top of their shit and very responsive and create a really caring and supportive environment. I actually left the appointment with somewhat of a plan and feeling better than I have in a long time about this stuff.
I decided when I left that I was going to make a real effort to change my attitude about the whole thing. I decided that instead of looking at having to go to the specialist as a negative/sad/depressing thing, I’m looking at it as a positive thing. This guy is going to help guide us and support us and give us the little bit (hopefully) of help we need to achieve our goal. Everyone says how much stress and your outlook and attitude affect things, especially this, so I’m really going to try to make a major shift.

Just got seated in the audience of the chew

My mom won 2 tickets to be audience members at a taping of The Chew. We actually had to re-schedule it 3 times due to weather so were finally doing it this morning. Previously we were told to be here at 11am but my mom checked her email again yesterday and realized that today we had to be here at 8am. Ouch.
So I was up at 5:15, on a train which was beyond packed bc there were lots of train problems, quickly grabbed a cab and were only 10 min late (which is pretty good for me actually).
Anyways, my moms excited, I’m hungry and tired and don’t want to be on tv but I get to see Mario battali and Clinton Kelly, and hopefully they give us snacks!

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My best friend is a pediatrics resident. This is the text exchange we just had (and why we're best friends)

  • BFF: My 19 yr old patient in clinic just called me out for making a weird face when I was examining his junk.
  • Me: Hahahahahahaha. Called you out to your face? Or told someone about it?
  • BFF: He goes um was everything normal because you made a face
  • Me: Hahaha
  • BFF: And I'm like no I didn't. It was awk
  • Me: Is it normal or is something wrong with it?
  • BFF: No it was normal I just wasn't into examining balls so I prob looked grossed out
  • Me: Omg you're looking at 19 yr old dick at work
  • BFF: Hahahahahaha true story. Ew. How are you???
  • I love my friends...also our lives are very different.

Guilty pleasure TV show alert

Is anyone else watching the reality show on MTV “Are you the one?” Its kind of like a mix of “The Challenge” and “The Bachelor” and I guess sort of a touch of “Millionaire Matchmaker”, since people are supposedly matched up based on compatibility and have to figure out who their matches are. I realize its pure ridiculous trashy reality tv but I really look forward to watching a new episode every week. Just wanted to know if I’m the only one watching it.