Sorry that most of these things are complaints, but I need to get it out…

  • Why do people come to work when they are sick? I understand that this particular person has had a really rough past few months, and desperately needs her vacation next week, but its REALLY REALLY unfair to come to the office with the plague. So pissed that I am probably going to say something to my boss. This isn’t the first time she’s done it.
  • On a related note, I feel like poop and am pretty sure I’ve caught whatever she had/has. And unfortunately, I have already gone over my allotted vacay/sick days by about 5 or 6 days, so I really cant take another non-paid days off
  • I’m Jewish, but I’ve semi-celebrated Christmas for most of my life because my Step Mother is Catholic. Its generally my fav time to be around that side of the fam, best memories of childhood being at my dads, etc. However, its also really stressful. Due in part to my emergency trip to Boston last weekend to be with my friend whose going through the marital issues, and partly because I’m a dumb fuck sometimes and leave things to the last minute in general, I’m going to be last minute shopping for no less than 6 people this weekend. While feeling like poop. yay
  • My year long search for a new job/career and to find something I’m passionate about has gone pretty much no where. To say that this is depressing is such a gross understatement. Miserable pretty much sums it up. I am so emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. Something really has to change. I’ve seriously considered just quitting and figuring it out after (I know, very inadvisable)
  • I only have off Christmas day and New Years day. I should get out at about 4pm Monday and next Monday. I cannot express how sad this makes me. I so desperately need out. Wah.

  • BUT, on a HAPPY note, we booked our delayed honeymoon replacement vacation last night! We’re going at the end of Feb to Miami first for a fam weekend and then to Punta Cana for 5 days from there! I can’t wait to just relaaaaax!


  1. turnoffmyhead said: When I worked at the bank, the assistant manager would constantly come to work sick. Drove me nuts because then everyone else would get sick. I also didn’t like her, but that’s beside the point.
  2. revaballerina said: sorry you are sick :( boo about the job search. i’m in the same place right now. feel free to email me if you ever want to vent - inmytorys@gmail. have a great xmas! xxoo
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